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Carl Hamilton

Managing Director – Hamilton. Technology Solutions
  • Customer success is our No1 priority.

  • Over 30 years of IT experience.

  • Cloud Telephony Specialists

  • Cygnatech product specialist and Cyber Security Expert.

  • Managed IT Services.

  • Website Hosting.

  • Website Management & SEO Services.

“Our priority will always be to finding you a solution that helps your business achieve more.”

Carl Hamilton

Cygnatech Comms Founder

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Will I be charged cancellation fees?2021-12-17T15:33:30+00:00

If you’re in contract or on a Fixed term tariff, some suppliers may charge a cancellation fee. It’s best to check this with your current supplier.


Should I cancel my old supplier’s Direct Debit?2021-12-17T15:17:57+00:00

No – in a few weeks’ time we’ll ask you for meter readings, at which point we’ll start billing you for your energy, and your current supplier will stop billing you. So won’t pay for the same energy twice. Your old supplier will then arrange to send out a final invoice to you. We recommend leaving your Direct Debit in place until that invoice has been paid.


What happens if I already have a smart meter?2021-12-17T15:19:21+00:00

If you have a second-generation smart meter, this will transfer to us with all its smart benefits intact, and we’ll start communicating with it to collect your accurate readings.

If you have a first-generation smart meter not made by Secure, unfortunately, it won’t currently work with us in smart mode, so you’ll need to give us meter readings.

Our first-generation smart meters are made by the company Secure. Other suppliers who also use them include Utilita, Ovo, EON and Octopus.

If you have a secure smart meter, we will continue to use this in Smart mode so nothing will change.

Do I need to contact my current supplier?2021-12-17T15:20:35+00:00

No, we’ll contact them to let them know about your move.

In a few weeks time we’ll ask you for meter readings, at which point we’ll start billing you for your energy, and your current supplier will stop (so that you never pay for the same energy twice). Your old supplier will then arrange to send out a final invoice to you.


How long will my switch take?2021-12-17T15:21:33+00:00

We work hard to ensure your switch goes as quickly as possible, normally within 21 days. We’ll keep you updated of progress during this time.


Can I use my own router?2021-12-17T15:22:46+00:00

Yes, you can. But you’ll need to make sure your router isn’t locked by your previous provider. When you sign up to us, we’ll send you your username and password, so you connect your own router.

With our superfast fiber-optic Ultra-Broadband options, your router needs to be Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) compatible. If it’s not, it won’t work with our broadband service.

If you need a router, we can send you one too. Start your switch today.


What can affect my broadband speed?2021-12-17T15:32:12+00:00

The speed available on your line can be affected by:

  • How far your property is from the telephone exchange or street cabinet.
  • The quality of your telephone line and internal wiring.

The actual speed you receive can be affected by:

  • The processing power of your PC / devices.
  • How many people are sharing your broadband connection.
  • Whether you use a wireless or cable connection between your router and PC, laptop or other connected devices.
  • If using a wireless connection; where you keep your router.
  • The speed of websites that you visit.
  • If you connect at peak times, such as evenings, weekends or major sporting events.
  • Network capacity.
Do I have to tell my current provider I’m leaving?2021-12-17T15:31:25+00:00

No, leave this with us and we’ll let them know you’re switching. However, if you’re currently a Virgin customer, you will need to call them after your line is working with us and ask them to cancel the service. Start your switch today.


How do I switch my broadband?2021-12-17T15:30:06+00:00

Switching couldn’t be easier. We’ll handle the entire process and it only takes about 14 days. You’ll keep your existing telephone number, and if you don’t have a telephone line we can install one for you. Start your switch today.


Are your SIMs offering truly unlimited data?2021-08-07T08:42:28+00:00

Yes, we can’t stand it when companies offer a tiny amount of data or just provide free access to certain services.

Why limit our customers? Truly Unlimited Data No Caps is our offer to you


Do I need Broadband to use the service?2021-08-01T22:37:18+00:00

Yes, the Internet is required to use the service. Without the internet, you will be unable to provision a device or connect to the service.


can I keep my number when I move to you?2021-08-07T08:43:21+00:00

Yes, numbers can be ported regardless of if it is a local or national number.

You can connect to the service with a temporary number and then port your number to the service.


Can I pick a new number with a different geographic area?2021-12-17T15:28:47+00:00

Yes. One of the benefits of VoIP is that it is not geographically dependant. Meaning you could be based in Manchester, but use a London number.


what if I move premises?2021-12-17T15:26:45+00:00

Cygnatech Communications is not geographically dependant, you can just pack your phones up and plug them in at your new office.


How is the call quality?2021-12-17T15:24:56+00:00

Even better than analogue. Most new IP handsets come with HD audio.